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Are you looking for more joy and freedom in your singing? Are you interested in how to reliably succeed in auditions, have a sound command of technique and have full artistic freedom to move audiences?


In over thirty years of developing my skills as a singing teacher, I am constantly learning from those who work with me about what they really want and I love us discovering together in an enjoyable way, what empowers and develops them.

I have all sorts of resources that can help you enjoy reaching your goals as a singer and I encourage curiosity from a place of presence and awareness


As a proud associate teacher of international master voice teacher David L. Jones for over ten years, the singing technique I teach has a lineage stretching back to Bel Canto teacher Manuel Garcia II, to the teachers of Flagstadt, Björling, Nilsson and Allan Lindquest through to David.


I am also inspired by Dr Meribeth Dayme's ‘Core Singing’ work on energy, imagination and presence in performance. This energy work accords perfectly with the Energy Psychology and Law of Attraction principles -negative thoughts to positive intention - that I also share with singers, when appropriate. I am a qualified EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner.


If you are curious to learn, and open to empowering change then I am really interested to explore with you. I work with singers from the age of 18 upwards.


I work holistically with singers and watch and hear them opening up their own authentic sound, vocal freedom, imagination to truly alive,moving performances. A huge reward for singer, audience and myself.


What I contribute as a singing teacher, is an alchemy of my long experience and explorations as a singer, performer, teacher and energy practitioner. I have so much to be grateful for, both in the musicians and teachers I have been privileged to work with, but also with so much continuing learning from my life's journey.


My energy practitioner work began over 8 years ago.

This work feeds beautifully into freeing people from unhelpful beliefs that hold them back.



Singing sessions are usually at my home in Oxford but are also possible on Skype.


EFT/ HeartSpeak sessions are available in Oxford too, and also possible by Skype/Facetime/Facebook Messenger etc.
















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